The Jade Forest

First one is from Pandaria. You will have the options of going to Pandaria or Wayward Landing. We'll I choose the first, landed in a town, no quests. But the smelter there offered me gear, as seen in the 1st and 2nd images. The gear is class/spec specific. Sorry, plate wearers, I have no clue what you can buy.

The first set of quests can be found at Wayward landing.

The 3rd image is how much xp I gained from killing a mob. The 4th image is how much experience is needed to get to lvl 86. Yes, you read that right folks, 10,000,000.

Just a random image is next.

The final 2 images are for turning in a quest, again, rewards are class specific, but not necessarily spec specific.

Beta is a lot more crowded now, as a new influx of 100,000 testers joined. There are only 4 servers, so... and let the whining begin. It was so quiet last week, tonight, well, sounded like a typical trade chat.