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September 23, 2006
More work done to site (submitted by Tainted at 02:15am UTC)

Thatís right folks; get out the ďhas no lifeĒ jokes.

Today I did even MORE coding to the site, and changed even more stuff.

Where to start?

Removed some text on the standings page, (leaderboard text, and dkp standings)
The leader board now uses class colors (Iím just talking the title bar of it)
The highest dkp person for each class in the leaderboard is now in bold
ALL names now use the class colors
----This is true for all pages that use memberís names (Except view events pages)
The level column has been deleted
The class column has moved to the left side of the person name
The class column now uses the class image, not words
Some items that go by lifetime dkp are now listed on standings pages
----Onyxiasí head
----Broodlordsí head
----Nefariansí head
Also listed (but not because we do it by lifetime)
----Onyxia hide backpack

The Boss kill counter has changed significantly
----Bosses are now sorted by zone
----Color is now used to make it look fancy
----Set-up for all the way through Naxxramas
September 20, 2006
Much Work Done to Site (submitted by Tainted at 05:03pm UTC)

As Iím sure many of you have noticed I have recently done a lot of work to the site.

User-posted image

There will be no more "Trash Mob" raids, all loot dropped by a trash mob, will be entered in with a boss. This was done due to the large effect it had on attendance of members.

No boss will have he "(First kill)" or "(First Death)" tag next to it, this is so the boss kill counter will read it correctly. Please note, DKP for the first kill of a boss is still reflective, or the proper double (didn't want you all to think i was cheating you out of DKP).

You will still see "(Attempt)" next to a boss if it was an attempt, again as to not mess up the boss kill counter. DKP for a boss kill will either be 5 DKP, or the value of the boss, this will be determined by the raid leaders before it is entered in the site.

I have included the boss kill counter
I have included a leader board (got lots of requests for something like this)

Warriors, please note some DKP changes to yourselves a few items had been entered in at the wrong value. The two warriors that are most effected by this are Osirian (doesn't really help at that far negative) and Verund (helped a little, but still negative).

Also ALL alts points have been transferred to their main, this also includes the loots the alts have won (so donít look so confused when you see pally loot won by a warrior).

The reason this was done is because much of our quest items are done by lifetime dkp
For some reason both a persons main and alt were listed in the same raid a few times User-posted image , thus the points that you see now are CORRECT. User-posted image

The persons that have had points moved are:
Merk to Blurry
Rathkess to Badz
Moondark to Mooncalled
Sympathy to Peppers
Veotseetb to Willowtb
Phantacy to Shantress
Medulla to Verund
Badsby to Goodsby
Missplaced to Missbeehaven

Also, from now on ALL points that an alt earns will be immediately changed to the persons main, and all loot won by and alt will show up on the main as well (raid tracker will do this for me, I donít do it by hand), this is due to the time it takes to change this by hand. User-posted image

Thank you to those that helped me and/or pointed out some improvement idea.
Also thank you all for the patience, I have been doing this over the past week, and it has taken much of my free time, and I noticed how many people were out here, "trying" to get on the site while I was messing up some code.
August 23, 2006
Nefarian Dead (08/20/06) (submitted by Tainted at 10:13pm UTC)

That is correct BMR and KP took down Nefarian on Sunday 08/20/06

Good job guildes and friends

Congrats on the winners of the loot, and here is our screenshot

User-posted image

August 15, 2006
Nefarian @ 8% (submitted by Tainted at 03:47am UTC)

Thats right folks, we did a great job, and got Nef to 8%

Great job to all that came and kicked his arse.

Though we had to call it before we could give it another try.
Lets get ready to kill this big dragon this week.
User-posted image

Full Size image
August 7, 2006
AQ40, Just For Fun (submitted by Tainted at 03:13pm UTC)

We decided to take a little time, and check out AQ40.

Well really it came from the fact of not a proper group makeup to do Chromaggus.

Grats to those who showed up for what was supposed to be BWL, you all recieved some extra DKP.
User-posted image

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